Advices regarding natural funerals




There are two different possibilities for a natural funeral or a burial at sea. Either the urn is opened and the ashes scattered on to the water, into the wind or under a plant, or the urn remains closed so that the relatives don’t see the ashes. In that case, a biodegradable urn must be used.


We often celebrate natural funerals and burials at sea without the presence of surviving dependants. In these cases, we ask the family members for special instructions and we confirm the natural funeral with a certificate that contains a photo, the date and a precise location description (in case of burials at sea GPS-coordinates).


As we only use biodegradable urns for our burials at sea, we also insists in NOT throwing entire flowers, nor bouquets, on to the water surface of the Mediterranean Sea. In fact petals are not only appropriate, they even float better on the water and it looks nicer.


A natural funeral in Spain has nothing in common with conventional memorial services; in fact, the team of ad mediterraneum rather wear casual or leisure clothing, in summer and during burials at sea even short pants and polo shirts. If you attend a natural funeral between orange trees or in the Mediterranean woodland, it is important to wear good shoes. Should you participate on a burial at sea please where comfortable clothes, light shoes and do not forget your sun cream or/and hat.


A farewell speech or the reading of a text/poem are essential elements of a memorial ceremony, included the natural funerals celebrated in Spain. From our point of view (and our experience) these last words should be spoken by a family member or friend present at the funeral as they knew, better than any other orator, the deceased person. The basic questions are: Shall be last words, or should it be a quiet funeral? Is there a special poem or lyric for this special occasion? Does someone of the family want to make a speech?

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Depending on faith, philosophy of life and individual wishes, a pastor or a priest could accompany the natural funeral. If you don’t know anybody, ad mediterraneum would help you gladly to find an appropriate person of trust here in Spain.


When celebrating ashes ceremonies in the Mediterranean woodland of the Memory Grove Valencia – Costa Blanca or somewhere else in a Spanish landscape, a tree branch or a natural stone with engraving can be deposited on the site. While the stone will remain over time, the wood will weather away. During burials at sea, we invite the bereaved to write a few last words on a natural stone, which will follow the urn to the bottom of the Mediterranean. There are families who even bring engraved, painted or signed stones with them from back home.


ad mediterraneum has expert knowledge of Valencia and Spain, and can assist with travel preparation and arrangements for a natural funeral whenever needed. Whether you require hotel reservations, transfers or meals in a traditional restaurant as part of the funeral service, we can lend a hand in making your trip to Spain a memorable experience.

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