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In September 2010 our father, José Izquierdo Sorli, died. Aged 91, he had a fulfilled and happy life, surrounded by a huge family, playing tennis until late into his eighties. As he mentioned several times and testified in a written last will, we knew that his last wish consisted in scattering his ashes at his favourite pine tree, located on a little hill with a marvellous view to the Mediterranean Sea. In fact, in one of his paintings he drew this landscape. 

Los Pinos de Pepe

A month later, the entire family came together on a warm and unclouded autumn day to celebrate José’s last will, scattering his ashes under the Mediterranean sun. It might sound a little bit strange, but at that day and by that pine tree, there was more laughter than tears. That last farewell in the middle of the Mediterranean nature had nothing to do with the funerals on dreary cemeteries I knew until then. With this positive experience in mourning, the idea of offering natural funerals in Spain started to mature.

Are there people looking for an alternative to dull graveyards? Could there be people in other parts of Europe who wish for themselves a natural funeral under the Spanish sun? As answer to these questions, “ad mediterraneum” (Latin = forward to the Mediterranean) was born.

Since 2012, when we finally started with ad mediterraneum, we had the privilege to organize quite a few natural funerals and burials at sea here in Spain, offering to the bereaved families the possibility of the same positive mourning I experienced years ago.

 Unterschrift in blau

Daniel Izquierdo
Founder & CEO ad mediterraneum


P.S. I invite you to have a look at our video-animation regarding natural funerals in Spain. Just cklick on the pictures below the start the video (link to Youtube). I hope you will enjoy it.

PoPo Video Natural Funerals in Spain


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