Orange tree burial

Orangen Nah Perspektive


The orange trees along the Mediterranean coast of Valencia bear green leaves throughout the year, even during the winter season. Especially then, from November until March or April, the oranges in Spain ripen thanks to the mild climate, shimmering in the warm winter/spring sun. That’s why the orange trees are a perfect symbol for everlasting warmth and an eternal life on the sunny side.


For those who are looking for a special burial woodland, ad mediterraneum owns a little plantation where burials beneath orange trees are possible. The Memory Grove Valencia – Costa Blanca lies at the end of a small country road and is surrounded by gentle pine tree hills. Contrary to industrial plantations, our orange tree grove grows wildly, offering the possibility to choose one’s favorite place.

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ad mediterraneum offers different possibilities for urn burying under an orange tree. The Community Tree, for example, serves as the last resting place for a group of people, usually between four and six. While the Partnership Tree is specifically designed for couples, be it husband and wife, brother and sister, or best friends. And for those who want to have an orange tree all for themselves, we offer a Private Tree. In this case, we can even consider planting a new tree.

Although the commentaries in the following video about our orange trees are in German, click on the picture below to start the short video about the Memory Grove Valencia – Costa Blanca.

Still Orangenhain Video

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