The team of ad mediterraneum


ad mediterraneum is a typically (Spanish) family business, where relatives and friends give support when needed. This is the reason why you can be sure to have always a real personal company during your natural funeral in Spain.

portada cementerio naranjosDaniel Izquierdo Hänni

Born and raised in Switzerland, Daniel moved to Spain back in 2005.
As founder and general manager of ad mediterraneum, he is the contact person for all
questions and enquiries. Whenever possible Daniel personally accompanies the
bereaved family members during the funeral ceremony.

Andres auf BootAndrés Izquierdo Hänni

In fact, Andrés (left) works as a dentist in Switzerland.
But he often stays in Spain and helps not only gardening the Memory Lane
but also giving support during funeral services.

AnaAna Muñoz Montero

Although Daniel’s wife Ana only speaks a little English,
her Spanish character and her empathy helps to overcome any language barriers.

KikeEnrique „Kike“ Muñoz

Whenever help is required, son Kike is ready to give a hand.
Additionally, he is in charge of the website.

Tres chicos seriosPascual Evaristo Donet

Cousin Pascual (in the middle) is an agricultural professional and specialist
for citrus fruits plants. He knows perfectly how to take care of the Memory Grove
and its orange trees.

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