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Rosas CB

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Hi Daniel

Thank you very much, also in the name of our mother and our daughter, for the excellent organization of the burial at sea, the certificate with the GPS coordinates and the pictures. Please also express our gratitude to skipper Juan, he sailed us perfectly through the waves. We are sad that our husband, father and son is no longer with us, but we do know that he is just there where he loved to be. On Majorca, with its sun, warmth, good air and the Mediterranean Sea. No doubt, we will visit him often. I will gladly recommend »ad mediterraneum«!


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Hello Daniel

We would like to thank you for the possibility to bid our loved family member a last farewell in the Pyrenees and thus fulfil his last wish. It was a great help that you took charge of all the formalities. We specially appreciated that you did not do just your job, but you devoted time for us and our wish to find a real special place. You did accompany us in a very calm and likeable way.

Merle & Christine


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Dear Mr Izquierdo

We want to thank you, also in the name of the bereaved family, for your efforts and the excellent and friendly cooperation. It was comforting for the relatives that the deceased’s last wish regarding his last resting place in the Mediterranen has been fulfilled. The widow is delighted that the burial at sea was celebrated before Christmas; in fact, it is like a Christmas gift to her.

Stefan & Andreas Schmidt, funeral directors

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Dear Daniel

The burial at sea of our mother was wonderful. So beautiful that we didn’t feel to cry. With »ad mediterraneum« you have chosen the right path and I am sure this is your talent! Be blessed and many, many thanks for this special day! I hope we will meet again. All the best,

Dennis & Sophia


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Dear Mr. Izquierdo

We were especially pleased that you were using a sailing boat for the burial at sea, my father would have loved it: the calm Mediterranean, glimmering in sunlight, just perfect. Here in Vienna usually it is very cloudy, cold and foggy weather, that’s why it comforts me that the mortal remains of my father were scattered on the sea having such a marvellous sunshine. Thank you very much for accompanying our father on his last journey.

Evelyne, Austria

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SteineDear Mr. Izquierdo

I thank you from the bottom of my heart that you celebrated the burial at sea of my beloved mother so close to the beach we used to visit together. No doubt, this last farewell would have pleased my mother. You have managed everything very well, and I will warmly recommend you.



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